Why TIGSolutions?

As a division of TakingITGlobal, we have uncommon expertise in using technology-inspired design and development to inspire, inform and involve. This experience has helped us create successful solutions for campaigns, international organizations and charities around the world. If you are planning to launch an online presence for a social cause, we can help you build an effective solution. We look forward to sharing our expertise in leveraging the digital ecosystem - so you can transform your ideas into reality.

Our Solutions

  • Graphic Design ImageGraphic Design
    Need groundbreaking illustration and design suited for today's digital world? It's what our creative team does best. More…

  • Graphic Design ImageWeb Development
    Need to elevate your online presence? Our technology innovators leverage our Web 2.0 expertise to provide the tools and functionality you need. More…


"If ideas change the world, then it is increasingly true that networks shape ideas. TakingITGlobal harnesses the energy of young people's social networks to help make information technology a more effective tool for creativity and problem-solving."
John B. Horrigan, Ph.D., Associate Director, Pew Internet Project

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